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Affiliate Marketing has been the most dominant form of marketing campaign in the present times resulting in quick revenue generation and quick ROI in a multitude of ways. Even while one is asleep, he ends up earning a massive wealth boom.

To companies and professionals, affiliate marketing is the most favorable way by which great branding takes place. In fact, one feels like his own boss and gets flexibility in earning, despite being miles away from registering his business and such a profession involves minimal risks.

When one markets product or service offered by another company, he earns commission and such a trend gains huge momentum nowadays with millions around the world have unlocked regular income streams additionally.  

Besides, one picks-up superb skills in communication and broadens his social network widely.

Finally, if one pushes for a renowned brand or person, this gets us rich gains else building a wide audience in favour of any product or services takes years.

But then, there are battle-tested strategies and roadmaps to optimize such marketing campaign and to pull out the best of outcome, in such form of marketing campaign. For instance, one needs to be selective in choosing affiliates, should vouch for sales coupons, deals and promotions and then, niche influencers potential should be leveraged too.

Whatever the case may be, we shall help you establish as our recognized and favoured affiliate and would guide you towards glory in days to come.

Terms and Conditions -

How To Be An Affiliate?

Firstly, we would welcome you to the ever-growing Sonu Sharma team and congratulate you on being a part of Sonu Sharma circle. However, we have some eligibility criteria in place before we consider you for us and we have some following terms:

  1. You should be a big influencer on social media or offline, with a huge following. At least 1 lakh users or followers of the audience should be there. Such should be supported by documented proof.
  2. The affiliate fee is Rs.25 thousand per year if you satisfy our eligibility criteria,
  3. We shall hand over legal terms and conditions to you, on signing the agreement alongside copyrights.

 Affiliate Benefits:-

  1. In return, we would give resources worth 2.5 lakhs,
  2. Affiliates would have a chitchat session conducted by Sonu Sharma, which would have a tremendous impact on your platform. Such a session is free, else Sonu Sharma team charges Rs 1.5 lakhs for a chitchat session,
  3. Sonu Sharma team would schedule a one-day training for you, which would give you a chance to have lunch with Sonu Sharma sir,
  4. Affiliates would also have lunch and snacks with a Training (How to Grow Your Channel and sales…etc.) meant for individual motivation from Sonu Sharma sir,
  5. Besides, affiliates would have a separate login and they will have access to their personal dashboard, in which, detailed view of the sales and commission would be had.
  6. If any of our affiliates sell products worth 10 thousand of INR within a month, they would be off to a 5% commission on sales value. This payout will take place between 7th day to 12th day of the following month.
  7. If you sell products to the tune of more than 10 thousand, affiliates will get 8% of the commission on total sales,
  8. If affiliates manage to sell our products worth over 50 thousand, they would get 10% of the sales value, as the commission.
  9. Whatever products we consider and launch under the Sonu Sharma banner, you shall get it free from us.
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